Why do I need a site visit?

A site visit, performed by an authorized Heliocol dealer, is a critical step in the solar installation process.

Heliocol solar pool heating panels installed on a patio roof.

Every installation presents the contractor with unique challenges and advantages. Our highly-trained solar professionals will evaluate your property for the most suitable and cost-effective solution to maximize your satisfaction.

Because Heliocol solar panels are available in a wide variety of sizes, a system can be customized for many different roof types. For customers without a suitable roof area, Heliocol solar pool heating systems can be designed for a wide variety of alternative installations including fence mounts, arbor mounts and ground mounts. Our mounting hardware, including the revolutionary Gator clamp, allows Heliocol to be installed almost anywhere, even on rack systems.

Heliocol solar pool heating panels are easily installed on pergolas and other garden structures.

After the site visit, you’ll have a clear idea of how and where your solar system will be installed, what your expected cost will be and what you can expect to save.