Why do I need my Heliocol dealer?

While some home improvement projects are ideal for the do-it-yourselfer, or DIY, homeowner, other projects are best left to trained professionals. A solar pool heating installation--which involves roof heights, water, and large materials--is one of those projects.

Heliocol's dealer network is second to none.

Not only are you protected from liability when using a professional, licensed and insured contractor, a professionally installed Heliocol system will operate at its highest efficiency and save money by reducing future repairs. In addition, you can be certain that your system will meet Heliocol’s limited lifetime warranty requirements. In addition, all labor costs are included in the warranty when the system is installed by an authorized Heliocol dealer.

Our authorized Heliocol dealers are part of a nationwide network of hundreds of handpicked professionals with the training and experience to provide the highest quality installation and service in the industry. The combined experience of these dealers, coupled with our strategically located U.S. distribution centers, ensures rapid and continuous support for the lifetime of your system.