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For more than 30 years, Heliocol has tapped into our greatest alternative energy resource, the sun. Our innovative solar pool heating products have allowed more than 200,000 customers worldwide to enjoy comfortable swimming temperatures in all types of climates.

Maintenance-free Heliocol solar pool heating systems save time and money.

What does Heliocol have to offer that can’t be found elsewhere?

Handpicked by Heliocol, our dealers represent the best in the industry.

Our Dealers

Heliocol’s dealer network is a skilled collective force.

Heliocol is certified for health, safety and reliability.


Products that are certified safe and tested to rigorous standards.

Enjoy the most efficient solar pool heating in the world with Heliocol.


More heat per roof than any other solar pool heating system.

Low cost, zero-maintenance solar pool heating from Heliocol.


Maintenance-free systems with industry-leading warranty protection.

Heliocol's solar pool heating systems are the ultimate alternative energy option.


The most cost-effective use of solar energy in most climates.

Modular sizing and a variety of panel sizes give Heliocol installation flexibility.


The flexibility to custom fit almost any surface.

Homeowners can enjoy their swimming pool to its fullest extent with Heliocol solar pool heating.


Pool heating for homeowners who focus on quality.

Heliocol is an industry leader in commercial solar pool heating installations.


Rapid payback and rugged durability for commercial installations.

Heliocol solar pool panels can be used for industrial pre-heating applications.


The power to heat water not just for pools, but for large industrial firms.

Go beyond pool heating with Heliocol solar panels.


Non-traditional applications including agriculture and aquaculture.

Heliocol is the solar pool heating system of choice for the Summer Olympic Games.


The solar pool heating system chosen to heat competition pools for the Summer Olympic Games.

Enjoy decades of warm, comfortable swimming with Heliocol solar pool heating systems.

For Life

Superior strength, peace of mind and maximum efficiency.