Many of the same great features that make Heliocol a dependable, high-performance solar pool heating system also make it an ideal choice for non-traditional applications such as agriculture and aquaculture.

Heliocol solar pool heating panels are submerged in aquaculture ponds to maintain accurate temperatures for fish farms.

Heliocol solar panels are successfully used in modern aquaculture facilities, harnessing the sun’s heat and reducing energy expenses for fish farms. Aquafarming, which supplies a substantial percentage of the world’s food supply, requires strictly controlled environmental conditions. These aquaculture facilities cultivate a wide variety fish, shellfish and seaweed, each with particular needs.

Heliocol is used to effectively heat large volumes of water to the desired temperature, maintaining these optimal conditions with no additional utility costs. The unique formulated materials of the collector prevent lime scale build up and corrosion. Sea water can also be fed directly through the collector to be used in the farm’s ponds. Because Heliocol solar panels are made with safe, clean, non-corrosive materials, there is no danger of leaching dangerous chemicals or rust into the ponds.

Heliocol solar pool heating panels also make excellent agricultural heat exchangers.

Heliocol solar collectors have also found a profitable use within agricultural greenhouse operations. A great deal of energy and effort is invested in making sure that plants grown in greenhouses receive the most attentive and meticulous care. Ensuring that the growing process of the plants is controlled and fast is challenging, yet vital.

When used in agriculture applications, Heliocol speeds the growth process for greenhouse plants.

The Agrimat was developed especially for this purpose. The Agrimat root-zone heating system is essentially a Heliocol solar collector, comprising numerous tubes seamlessly joined together by our patented overmolding injection technology. The system is installed at the base of the growing benches. As hot water runs through the tubes, plants resting on the panels flourish with a warm, constant and controlled temperature throughout the root zone. Heliocol’s heavy-duty, medical grade materials resist corrosion, scale, salts and fertilizers to work flawlessly year after year.