Make the Most of Your Pool

You wouldn’t store your car in a parking garage half the year, why park your pool?

Average price
of a new car


Average cost of a concrete
or gunite in-ground pool


Solar pool heating gives you greater use of your investment.

New car and pool cost estimates based on information provided by the following websites: Car's Direct average price of a new car and Fixr costs of building a swimming pool.

Longer Swim Season

Approximate Summer Swimming Season and Pool Temperature With and Without a Solar Pool Heating System

  • Solar Heated Pool with Cover
  • Solar Heated Pool No Cover
  • Unheated Pool with Cover
  • Unheated Pool No Cover
A Heliocol solar pool heating system does not require any additional maintenance costs.

This graph represents an estimated swimming pool temperature range for a warm climate in a sunbelt state. Climates can vary drastically, even within a very small geographic area. This chart represents good solar weather conditions and a professionally sized system. For a free evaluation of your pool, contact a Heliocol solar pool heating dealer near you.

Heliocol solar pool heating DOUBLES your swim season in ANY CLIMATE.