Design Services

Utilizing 40 years of cumulative experience, the Heliocol engineering department supports its dealers with the option to provide custom designed solar systems to meet specific needs—from basic, residential solar pool systems to complex commercial and industrial systems utilizing hybrid solar technology.

Save big on design services from Heliocol.

All authorized Heliocol dealers have access to heavily discounted design services. The bottom line? We can pass the expertise AND the savings on to you.

Expedited solar design services.

Larger, more complex projects are expedited through the use of our in-house engineering staff, finishing in HALF the time of traditional engineering firms. Our knowledgable staff also eliminates the time lag associated with consultants who must familiarize themselves with our products.

Customized design services at Heliocol.

Our professional engineers can tailor the design approach to each type of unique engineering project or special needs of the client.

Heliocol’s engineers will design, develop and manage programs and processes to support our products, providing full design and analysis for solar, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing needs from the conceptual design to a fully integrated operation.

Multi-licensed solar engineers at Heliocol.

The Heliocol engineering department is familiar with all stages of the permitting process, is up to date on all governing codes and code changes within the industry, and has experience developing professional engineering construction documents.

With a successful track record mobilizing large-scale contracts and proven solar performance, our engineering department is a highly knowledgable and responsive organization.

Our multi-licensed and multi-disciplined engineers provide advanced technical support and training throughout all 50 states. Services available to Heliocol dealers include:

  • Residential, commercial, and industrial design and analysis
  • CAD drawings & construction documents
  • Solar, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing expertise
  • Feasibility studies and analyses
  • Pipe sizing, flow rates, fluid velocities, pump recommendations
  • Supervision of product testing
  • Rack and mounting system design
  • Site-specific design support
  • Environmental assessments
  • Impact studies
  • Structural modeling
  • Product certifications
  • National and state product approvals